Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatment By Dr. Pradeep Jain

GI Cancers or Gastrointestinal Cancers Treatment By Dr Pradeep Jain –Chief of Department of GI at Action Cancer Hospital & Sri Balaji Action Medical Institute. Dr Pradeep Jain is an expert in Advance Laparoscopic GI, GI ONCO & Bariatric Surgery.

GI Cancers are cancers in organs of gastrointestinal tract and related organs like cancers of Esophagus ( food pipe ), stomach, small intestine, large intestine ( colon and rectum ), Liver, Pancreas and Biliary Tract.

Sign and Symptoms of GI Cancers :-

Though there are no specific sign or symptoms which conclusively point towards cancers, there are strong indicators like lump in abdomen, difficulty in swallowing, sever loss of appetite and weight, prolonged bleeding from the GI Tract(Bleeding per rectum in elderly age group), alteration in bowel habits, painless deep jaundice with white colored stools and itching, Intestinal obstruction in elderly, sudden detection of Diabetes with weight loss etc.

Colorectal Cancers Treatment By Dr Pradeep Jain :-

Surgery, Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy are used in the treatment protocol of colon rectum in different sequences depending on stage of disease. out of these Surgery is the primary treatment and curative in early stages.

Stomach Cancer Treatment By Dr Pradeep Jain :-

Surgery is the primary treatment for gastrointestinal cancer. Total gastrectomy, or removal of the entire stomach, is the most common treatment. However, sub-total – or removal of most, but not all, of the stomach – is also performed, depending on the location of the tumor. Surrounding lymph nodes are also removed during surgery. The gastrointestinal tract is then reconstructed to restore continuity.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy are used after surgery to minimize the risk of recurrence. A doctor may use just one method or combine methods to treat the cancer most effectively.