Dr. Pradeep Jain – Diet to Follow after Bariatric Surgery

Dr PRadeep JainĀ – Bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery is probably the last option available for folks who tried everything to lose their weight, from strict low calorie diet to physical exercise and activity regime. Just like any other medical surgery, going through bariatric surgery is not easy as it comes with considerable risks and is not recommendable for everyone because a lot of care and lifestyle changes are required after successful completion of surgery. Also the perceptivity of side effects such as bleeding, infection and trouble in breathing are extremely high. That is the reason why it is good to learn about the diet to follow after the weight loss surgery.

Here keep in mind that your doctor suggestions and precautions directed by surgeons are more important to follow, as below we discuss common diet chart for bariatric patients. As every patient is different, every bariatric surgery is different.

Bariatric Surgery

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